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Adaptation Options by Key Sectors
Priority Adaptation Projects

Benefits on Climate Change Adaptation from Small and Medium Scale Hydropower Plants: Synergies and trade-offs with rural development

The project’s objectives are: 1. To understand the benefits of small and medium scale hydropower plants in climate change adaptation as well as rural development; and 2. To recommend mitigation measures to minimize impacts from small and medium scale hydropower plants on environment and human well-being, especially to poor communities. (DANIDA)

Mangrove Management Information System (MMIS)

Recognizing the role that mangroves play in protecting coastal areas from sea level rise and tropical storms, the project provides training in the use of a geographic information system, the MMIS, which is used to help manage to manage dykes in Northern Viet Nam, specifically mangroves. (Government of Denmark)

Climate Change and the Impacts on Water Resources in Viet Nam

Strengthen capacity in Viet Nam for water management to adapt to potential water crisis brought on by changes in climate. (Government of Denmark)

Water-related Information System for the Sustainable Development of the Mekong Delta in Vietnam (WISDOM)

The main objective of this multidisciplinary German-Vietnamese Initiative is to develop and implement a platform for the collection, exchange and processing of water related information for the Mekong River Delta in Viet Nam. This platform will also provide operational services in the fields of disaster prevention and mitigation, and integrated water resources management in the project region. Part of the project includes examination of local adaptation strategies and related changes of the specific waterborne livelihoods of the Mekong Delta. (Germany: Federal Ministry of Education and Research)

Ho Chi Minh City Adaptation to Climate Change

Enhance the capacity of Ho Chi Mihn City to respond to climate change. In its second phase, the project: developed modeling scenarios to quantitatively integrate rainfall, land-use, and sea level into water regime scenarios; assessed the current knowledge and coping strategies for floods, storm surge, cyclones, and tides; identified potential scenarios that could affect coastal watersheds; identified vulnerable infrastructure and communities; quantified the magnitude of climate impacts on social, environmental, and economic resources; prioritized adaptive scenarios within current institutional frameworks; and looked at government capacity to manage natural disasters and climate shocks. (United Kingdom and Japan through the ADB Small Grant for Adaptation Project Phase II)

Impacts of Climate Change on Water Resources and Adaptation Measures

Build capacity to respond to climate impacts on water resources (DANIDA)

Developing and Implementing Climate Change Adaptation Measures to Increase Resilience of National Development

The project seeks to 1) Protect the environment and natural resources; and 2) Develop institutional capacity and human resources, encourage technology transfer, and promote research and development (UNDP)

Sea Water Level Rise and Disaster Risk in Viet Nam

Project aims to mitigate impacts of sea level rise by proposing adaptation measures. (Government of Denmark)

Climate Change Impact and Adaptation Study in the Mekong Delta

The goal of the project is to develop the physical and economic resilience of rural and poor people in the Mekong Delta region to future climate change and variability. This will be accomplished through developing the capacity of sector and provincial authorities in the Mekong Delta region to increase the climate-resilience of programs, plans, policies, and/or projects to guide future development planning. (ADB, Government of Australia, Government of Viet Nam)

Capacity Building Project on Climate Change for Civil Society Organizations

To raise awareness and build capacity of civil society, focusing on non-governmental organizations and their partners, to effectively respond to and integrate climate change adaptation and mitigation into relevant existing and future programs to contribute to long term sustainable development of the country and Vietnamese people. In addition the program will indirectly reach and build the capacity and resilience of the vulnerable and remote communities and marginalized groups that are the main beneficiaries of the targeted non-governmental organizations. (Finland)

Strengthening National Capacities to Respond to Climate Change in Viet Nam, Reducing Vulnerability and Controlling Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Develop capacity for partners of National Target Programs in policymaking, planning, information and research. The project will put in place the frameworks, mechanisms and capacities needed to inform, guide and coordinate: (i) analysis of climate change related risks and formulation of climate change adaptation policy responses and investment plans; and (ii) analysis of greenhouse gas emissions. (UNDP)

Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Program: Viet Nam

The program includes two components 1) The climate change adaptation component will support implementation of the Vietnamese National Target Programme to Respond to Climate Change under the direction of the MNRE. Its objective is to enhance Viet Nam’s capacity and efficiency in respond to climate change in order to ensure sustainable development, protect people from its harmful consequences, prevent and reduce risks posed by climate change while joining the efforts of the international community to mitigate its impacts, and protect the global climatic system; and 2) Support the National Target Program on Energy Efficiency and Conservation. (Denmark)

Infrastructure Planning and Coastal Zone Development

The objectives of this project are to: 1) Integrate climate change adaptation into coastal zone management policies, plans and regulations. 2) Enhance capacity to understand emerging climate hazards and address them through strategic risk reduction measures at the sectoral and local planning levels. 3) Demonstrate and develop lessons learned from climate proofing of selected coastal area infrastructure. (UNDP)

Development of a Prototype System for Dam and Disaster Management in Viet Nam

To help prevent the loss of life and economic damage resulting from dam discharge or failure due to extreme weather events. (New Zealand)

Nordic Development Fund Support for National Target Program on Climate Change

To help Viet Nam implement its National Target Program by helping Ho Chi Minh and Da Nang cities, the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, and Thanh Hoa province plan and implement effective climate change response measures. (Nordic Development Fund, Government of Viet Nam)

Climate Change and Coastal Ecosystems Program

Support Viet Nam to manage and protect its coastal ecosystems, which includes responding to the impacts of climate change. It will also include a national level component to support central policy development and resourcing decisions based on experiences in the target provinces. (Germany and Australia)

Mekong Delta Water Management for Rural Development

The development objective of the project is to protect and enhance the utilization of water resources in the project provinces of the Mekong Delta Region in order to sustain gains in agricultural productivity, provide access to water supply for rural households, and contribute to climate change adaptation. It also aims to protect and enhance utilization of water resources through capacity building at the sub-regional and provincial level, on-farm pilot projects, infrastructure improvements, and extension of sanitation services.(World Bank)

Supporting Program to Respond to Climate Change

Support climate change-related actions and policies in accordance with the National Target Program to respond to climate change. (Japan, France)

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