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Recent Trends
Mean annual temperature 0.6°C since 1960  
'hot' days and 'hot' nights    
'cold' days and 'cold' nights    
Mean Rainfall inconsistent trends since 1960  
Rainfall during heavy events 1.2% per decade since 1960  
Key Trends
  • Mean rainfall over Mexico does not show any consistent increase or decrease since 1960. A particularly wet autumn in 2004 caused an apparent increasing trend in SON.
  • The observed maximum 1- and 5-day rainfalls do not show any substantial alteration in magnitude since 1960 in any season, except during SON, when small increasing trends of +0.85 mm and +1.50 mm per decade in 1- and 5-day events, respectively, are seen.
  • The frequency of hot days and hot nights has increased significantly since 1960 in every season and the frequency of cold days and nights, annually, has decreased significantly since 1960.
  • Mean annual temperature has increased by 0.6°C since 1960, at a rate of approximately 0.13°C per decade. The rate of increase is most rapid in the dry seasons (MAM and DJF) at a rate of 0.18-0.2°C per decade and slower in the wet seasons (JJA and SON).
Annual Climate Characteristics
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Key Climate Periods
  • The northern part of the country experiences cooler temperatures and peak rainfall during the winter months.
  • The southeast of the country experiences a tropical rainy climate that ranges from no dry season to a short dry season.
Historical Climate Maps
Annual Rainfall
Major Climate Processes
  • El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO)
  • La Niña
Impacts on Climate
  • El Niño events bring relatively cool and wet conditions in the winter in the northern regions of Mexico
  • Greatly influences the Monsoon System
  • Brings warmer and drier conditions at that time of year
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