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Adaptation Options by Key Sectors
Priority Adaptation Projects

Resistants to Cyclones project

A GFDDR grant was used to develop cyclone resistant codes. These codes were applied as climate-proof norms for roads, irrigation systems, schools, public health centers, and agriculture in areas highly vulnerable to cyclones, droughts, and other climatic shocks.

Tuléar Fishing Communities Support Project

Implemented by the Africa Development Bank- aims to help reduce rural poverty and to promote the sustainable development of traditional maritime fishing. (ADB)

Climate Change Adaptation Capacity in Madagascar

Implemented by WWF Madagascar & Western Indian Ocean Program (MWIOPO) with Madagascar Protected Areas Commission. This project raises awareness of climate change impacts on biodiversity and livelihoods within the Malagasy conservation community, decision-makers and targeted local communities. (WWF)

Vulnerability and Adaptation to Climate Change: Agricultural Systems in Madagascar

Implemented by the International Development Research Centre – IDRC. The project facilitates dialogue between at-risk groups, decision-makers and researches.

Vulnerability and Adaptation to Climate Change : Agricultural Systems in Madagascar

This project will allow the University of Antanarivo to facilitate a dialogue between decision-makers and researchers at the national, regional and local level; to produce spatial information on the factors affecting vulnerability to climate change on the whole island of Madagascar; to better understand existing and possible adaptation strategies; to explore various intervention strategies under different scenarios; and to reinforce national capacity in analysis of climate change vulnerability and adaptation. (DFID, IDRC)

Mangrove conservation in western Madagascar

The project objective is to conduct a credible vulnerability assessment of mangroves in the Tsiribihina and Manambolo areas to provide solid baseline data for future conservation and sustainable management in the context of climate change. (NORAD)

Adaptation in the Diana Region

The Diana Region provides successfully implemented climate change adaptation models that can be scaled up for high-value conservation areas throughout Madagascar. In particular the project will aim to develop the capacity of Diana regional actors, adaptation approaches are developed and implemented in conservation and natural resource management, and adaptation is integrated into the regional development plan. (NORAD)

Climate Change Adaptation Capacity

Provide support to WWF and its conservation partners in developing in-country capacity for climate change analysis and adaptation. Specific objectives include: awareness of climate change impacts on biodiversity and livelihoods is increased within the Malagasy conservation community, decision-makers and targeted local communities. (NORAD)

Integrating Climate Change into Coastal and Marine Conservation

The project's goal is to improve the understanding of the vulnerability of Madagascar’s marine biodiversity to climate change, and to support the integration of climate change considerations into marine protected area network planning, thereby contributing to the protection of Madagascar’s globally important marine biodiversity from the impacts of climate change. The project objectives are the following: i) a robust climate change vulnerability assessment of Madagascar’s marine biodiversity is completed; ii) a program of capacity building on climate change and its impacts in the country and the results of the vulnerability assessment is implemented. (NORAD)

Gaps and Needs

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