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Recent Trends
Mean Annual Temperature 0.9°C since 1960  
Mean annual rainfall inconsistent  
Key Trends
  • Sufficient daily rainfall observations are not available from which to determine changes in the extreme indices of daily rainfall.
  • Mean annual temperature has increased at an average rate of 0.2°C per decade. This increasing trend varies by season, and is only statistically significant in AMJ and SON.
  • The rate of increase is most rapid in the hot, dry season (AMJ) at 0.34°C per decade.
Annual Climate Characteristics
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Key Climate Periods
  • Temperatures in the coastal regions range between 22-25°C in the summer (JAS) and 10-12°C in the winter (JFM)
  • The wet season lasts between November and March, affecting only northern Morocco
  • The interior experiences seasonal temperature variations, with average temperatures of 25-30°C in the summer and less than 15°C in the winter.
Historical Climate Maps
Annual Rainfall
Major Climate Processes
  • The cold Canary Current

  • Cool onshore breezes

  • The sharqi (chergui) winds
Impacts on Climate
  • Decreases the potential for precipitation
  • Reduce summer temperature on the coast
  • Hot, dusty winds from the Sahara