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Bangladesh is frequently inundated with seasonal floods and flash floods and is periodically affected by cyclones, droughts, and earthquakes
Because of its geographical location and other environmental reasons, the country is one of the most disaster-prone countries in the world
Top Disasters
Disaster Date No Killed
Drought 1943 1900000
Epidemic 1918 393000
Storm 1970 300000
Storm 1991 138866
Storm 1942 61000
Storm 1965 36000
Flood 1974 287000
Storm 1963 22000
Storm 1985 15000
Storm 1965 12047
Average Annual Natural Hazard Occurrence
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Key Issues
  • Cyclones: Sixty percent of the worldwide deaths caused by cyclones in the last 20 years occurred in Bangladesh. The cyclone that struck the coastal areas of Bangladesh in November 1970 caused over 300,000 deaths and US$ 2.5 billion worth of damage to property.
  • Floods: Floods and riverbank erosions affect some one million people annually in Bangladesh. Once every three to five years, up to two-thirds of Bangladesh is inundated by floods.
  • Droughts: Seasonal droughts in Bangladesh most commonly affect the northwestern region, as it receives lower rainfall than the rest of the country. These droughts have a devastating impact on crops thereby also affecting the food security of subsistence farmers.
  • Earthquakes: Bangladesh is located in a seismically active and high-risk region. The northern and eastern regions of the country are particularly susceptible to earthquakes.
Natural Hazards
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volcanic activity
People Affected
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