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Recent Trends
Monsoon-season maximum temperature 0.05°C  
Monsoon-season minimum temperature 0.03°C  
Rainfall Increasing variability  
Key Trends
  • Significant increasing trends in the cyclone frequency over the Bay of Bengal during November and May, which are main months for cyclone activity in the Bay of Bengal, have been observed
  • The erratic nature of rainfall and temperature has increased in Bangladesh
  • Average monsoon-season maximum and minimum temperatures show an increasing trend annually at the rate of 0.05°C and 0.03°C, respectively
  • An increasing trend of about 1°C in May and 0.5°C in November during the 14 year period from 1985 to 1998 has been observed
Annual Climate Characteristics
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Key Climate Periods
  • The Pre-Monsoon Season (March - May) – high temperatures with average maximum of 36.7°C
  • The Monsoon Season (June - September)- typically hot and humid, with heavy torrential rainfall contributing to most of the year’s rainfall
  • The Post-Monsoon Season (October - November) – a short season with less rainfall and lower temperatures, particularly in the evenings
  • The Winter Season ( December-February) – relatively cooler and drier
Historical Climate Maps
Annual Rainfall
Major Climate Processes
  • Easterly Trade Winds
  • South West Monsoons
  • ENSO
Impacts on Climate
  • Warm and relatively drier circulations
  • Brings most of the rains
  • Drier weather